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"Fantastic experience, really pleased I made this choice"

"Thought I would share the experience of purchasing a caravan from Caravan connection, Amanda and Geoff, fantastic experience, really pleased I made this choice, you get a genuine honest, hard working team backing you. If you are like me you have done some significant research, as what you are looking to purchase is expensive and you want to get it right In saying that It will also not be your only caravan it takes one or two caravans to cement your likes and dislikes. So it important you establish a relationship with the right people as you will back to them more than once, so firstly make sure they have some credentials ie authorised dealer, have a full workshop, been around for a while and support warranties.

Remember is not just a caravan, you will want to accessories it, so it’s real important they can do all this work, you get pride in workmanship and yes my experience is great quality too".

Brent ~ Wellington

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