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Get a tape measure and take it from the awning track on one side at the front and pull it over to the awning track on the otherside of the caravan. If the gap is no more than 2.5m from rail to rail across the front this caravan cover will fit. 


Specialised Covers towing protector cover now has more features and more benefits than before. The best universal protective towing cover just got a whole lot better.


Redesigned with more features and more benefits, the TOW PRO LITE will fit any caravan with 2 awning channels up to 2.5m wide.


Specialised Caravan Covers are a popular choice to protect your caravan from exhaust emissions and road debris - fitting a caravan towing cover looks after your caravan and keeps it clean.


  • Universal fit cover
  • Fits all vans with 2 awning channels up to 2.5m wide
  • One piece construction with T-FIT SYSTEM for quick fitting
  • Double Vented Design for enhanced fit
  • Made from our strong, impact absorbing, durable, waterproof, UV protective and soft non-scratch fleece lined material
  • Protects lower caravan front and windows from impact damage, over 85% covered
  • DUO TONE styling (Black/Gun Metal Grey)
  • Hi-Viz Reflective strips for added visibility on the road
  • Exclusive fitted push operated and removable LED EYE LIGHTS for day and night use whilst towing
  • 8 x STRAP N CLICK system for easy adjustability
  • STRAP LOOPS™ holds your straps in place whilst towing
  • A-Frame STRAP N CLICK system
  • A-Frame Seal stretches to adjust to different A-Frames
  • Steadies STRAP N CLICK system stops dirt going behind the cover form undercarriage
  • Velcro fastening for extra fit
  • Uses Awning channels to secure cover to van
  • Optional accessories pack included
  • Next Generation Enhancements

Tow Pro Universal Towing Cover

SKU: # 987
GST Included
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