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The electric ventilator C260 automatically filters smells from the waste-holding tank – odourless – to the outside of the vehicle.

Usage steps: Activate the control panel to start the electric ventilator. The electric ventilator button will flash to show that this function is active. Press the electric ventilator button to stop the ventilator. Press the button again to restart the ventilator. The ventilator will shut off automatically after about 5 minutes. Activate the electric ventilator before you use your toilet to optimise its function.

  • Ventilates smells from the waste-holding tank
  • No more smells outside the vehicle
  • Auto start and auto stop function (manual override possible)
  • Silent fan
  • Special indicator on toilet control panel
  • Easily replaceable filter

User manual included


Thetford Prt No: 93417

Thetford Automatic Ventilator

SKU: # 10607
GST Included
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