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• Telescopic Long Handle :The long handle allows you to easily clean hard-to-reach areas of your car, making it easier and more efficient to wash your car.


• Soft Brush :The soft brush ensures that your car's paint is not scratched or damaged during the cleaning process, leaving it looking shiny and new.


• Curved Rod :The curved rod allows you to easily clean around the edges of your car, ensuring that every nook and cranny is spotless.


• Car/Boat/Caravan Wash Brush :This brush is specifically designed for washing vehicles, making it the perfect tool for the job.


Elbow Chenille car washing brush trailer

Mop Head Size 27 * 15cm,

Rod length 50cm - 102cm after expansion

Aluminum alloy and chenille

Net weight  485 g

Multi function vehicle


Long handle cleaning brush with 15 degree bending telescopic head use on car/boat/caravan 



Wash the mop with clean water after use until there is no dust or fine sand in the mop to better protect your car/boat or caravan paint/decals

Telescopic Cleaning Brush - Multipurpose

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