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Outdoor Revolution’s new Portable Gas Heater is very compact, and easy to use.

This heater has an impressive 1200W power output and is compatible with our own Iso Butane 220g Gas Cartridges. Employing some clever safety features makes this gas heater the safest on the market, incorporating a tilt switch that will automatically shut off the gas flow if the unit is accidentally knocked over, and an ODS valve that cleverly shuts down the heater if the oxygen level gets too low (Oxygen Depletion Sensor).

Ideal for camping and fishing trips in the colder months, or as an extra heater in any outdoor space or in any emergency.


• Construction: Enamelled steel

• Safety: ODS & Tilt Switch

• ODS - Oxygen Depletion Sensor.

• Tilt Switch - Gas cut off when tilted or knocked over

• Fuel: 220g butane / propane gas cartridge

• Burner Type: Ceramic plate

• Ignition: Piezo ignition

• Power Output: 1200 Watts

• Fuel Consumption: 90g/h


Weight 1.5kg

Size 30 x 13 x 26cm

Portable Gas Heater

SKU: # 817
GST Included
Only 7 left in stock
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