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Multi directional rooflight with opaque, flexible double skinned dome and beige frame.


Telescopic arms allows the rooflight to be opened to any side.


The dome skins have spacers between to guarantee free airflow.


NB The clips that hold the blackout blind closed may vary. 


Our small and space-saving rooflight model 400 provides fresh air in the camper van and, thanks to polypropylene frosted glass, also gentle daylight in the interior. A fold-down mesh frame and the optional blackout blind guarantee protection from insects and sunlight. 

Cut-out dimension400 x 400 mm
Roof thicknesses from - to24-56 mm und 42-70 mm
Corner radius23 mm
Dome size470 x 470 mm
Continuous ventilation150 cm²
Height above roof91 mm
Frame dimensions470 x 470 x 14 mm
Recommended maxi-mum speed130 km/h



MPK 400 X 400mm 4 Way Roof Vent (42 -70mm Roof)

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