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The Powrtouch Evolution is a next generation caravan mover and has been designed and developed in the UK. The all new caravan mover system makes extensive use of lightweight alloy materials and an ultra efficient gearbox, this combined with a new state of the art 'four-pole' electric drive motor giving it significantly increased power to the drive rollers, making it the lightest and most powerful caravan mover available. The innovative dynamic roller location mechanism moves the rollers smoothly and directly on to the tyres, improving grip and driving power by eliminating roller slippage.


Powrtouch Evolution Standard Twin: (two wheel drive)


This caravan mover will drive any twin axle up a maximum slope of 1 in 4; it now makes no difference whether the unit is fitted on the front wheels or behind the rear wheels because it will give the same performance. Your decision on which twin axle caravan mover to purchase is now down to your space/manoeuvrability requirements. i.e. If only gentle turns in a reasonable space are required then this mover will prove highly satisfactory.


  • Our Powrtouch Evolution for twin axle caravans will fit all standard Alko & BPW chassis with or without shock absorbers, including smaller caravans & trailer tents
  • Automatic roller engagement controlled from the handset for a simple & easy life!  Eliminating the need to manually engage the rollers
  • 5 stage planetary gearbox on roller engagement for maximum power & grip
  • Tool supplied to manually retract rollers in case of flat battery
  • High strength lightweight and compact construction using aircraft & marine grade aluminium alloy materials
  • High power 4 pole double wound motor delivering maximum power to the rollers
  • 20 Point lightweight aluminium rollers for optimum grip
  • DMC technology allows the ultimate precision manoeuvring in tight spaces
  • Precise & accurate soft start Powr drive control giving smooth mm by mm manoeuvring
  • Highly efficient gearbox design for efficient operation & battery life
  • All metal high strength sealed gearbox Multifunction handset and base unit warning indication system
  • 360 degree directional precision control with in motion directional adjustment
  • Comprehensive directional performance, all with 4 speed settings
  • Designed & Manufactured to the highest standards including ISO 9001:2008 & TUV Standards. 
  • The industry leading guarantee is fully supported by our factory trained staff
  • Tested for 2000kgs on a 1 in 4 slope (levelling ramps)
  • PowrTouch 2 year New Zealand wide warranty
  • PLEASE NOTE - this product is NZ compliant


Roller EngagementAutomatic
Operating Voltate12v
Average Current Consumption20 A
Max Current Consumption80 A
Speed28cm per sec.
WeightApprox. 35kg
Permissible overall weight on 25% grad2000 kg
Power Source (Caravan leisure battery)12v 100Ah



  • We can Fit the mover for you for a fitting fee from $299 please ring us to enquire. 



PowrTouch Twin Axle Caravan Motor Mover (2 Motor Auto)

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