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Fenwicks have perfected the art of paint sealing.


There is a lot of mystery surrounding the paint sealing industry, they can only be applied by qualified technicians, they use expensive application techniques and they are very difficult to apply correctly.

With Bobby Dazzler Shield there is none of that, Fenwicks claim to have developed the best DIY paint sealant there is. Very simple and easy to apply and it lasts a long time.

Bobby Dazzler Shield forms a permanent non-stick flexible barrier to the environment, sealing the surface, making it microscopically smooth and giving a great finish.


It may be applied to paint, GRP, aluminium, fibreglass, acrylic windows, glass and plastics in one easy application.

The benefits of Bobby Dazzler Shield are reduced cleaning times, increased cleaning intervals, superior surface protection and compatible with the countries leading Caravan Cleaner and Bobby Dazzler.

Simple and very effective!

Kit contains: Bobby Dazzler Shield 250ml, foam applicator pad, microfibre polishing cloth.

Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler Shield

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