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No need to dispose of your tired crystal water filters when you can easily revive them with the Filtapac Recharge Filter Kit and keep enjoying clean drinking water in your motorhome, caravan or boat. 

Filtapac have rigorously tested this filter kit to great success and it is designed to recharge the Truma Crystal MK1 and MK2 Filters using a tightly sealed charge of carbon. The kit comes with complete instructions and is easy to use. 

Benefits & Features 

  • Recharges Truma Crystal Filter (MK1 and MK2) and saves money 

  • Good quality, efficient and reliable 

  • Sealed charge of carbon in a nylon stockinette bag 

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Avoids 'black bits' in your drinking water 

  • Full and simple instructions 

  • Includes bag of silverised activated carbon, 51mm/55mm filter discs and black nitrile O ring 

Crystal Filtapac Recharge Kit F102

SKU: 10771
GST Included
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