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AL-KO tow coupling lock:

ALKO Safety compact anti-theft device suitable for AKS 2004 and AKS 3004 safety couplings/tow hitch.

This clutch lock secures your caravan against unauthorised use of the clutch, protects against screwing off the clutch unit, can also be locked when the clutch is activated, sheet steel casing of a high-quality, stable cylinder lock with two keys, easy to use: simply affix the Safety Compact and lock - done.

Features and Advantages:

+ Can be kept installed while driving
+ Secures against unauthorized uncoupling
+ Secures against theft of the ball coupling
+ Forms an elegant unit with the coupling
+ High-quality sheet-steel chassis
+ High-quality sheet-steel chassis with additional reinforcements
+ Cylinder lock with 2 keys
+ Cylinder lock with 2 keys and additional drill protection

When using the Alko safety compact when the caravan is not attached to the vehicle we recommend using a Alko safety ball.


Al-ko part # 1310892

Al-ko Safety Compact- Security Hitch Lock AKS 2004 / 3004

SKU: # 1222
GST Included
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