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This convenient mains inverter is perfect when you’re out camping, or anywhere else where a standard mains socket isn’t available.


It provides you with a mains outlet for small appliances such as laptops, stereos, some computers, phone chargers, and other low-power mains applications.


It boasts all the safety features you need like overload and input reverse polarity protection, and connects directly to a battery via the supplied lead with alligator clips.


1,500W is plenty of power for many small-medium devices while 3,000W surge power provides support for essential startup loads.

• Quick Charge USB Port
• Includes Battery Lead with ring terminals
• Modernised Design, Portable and Easy Operation
• Surge Power: 3000W Surge
• Low Battery Alarm: 10.5±0.5V
• Low Battery Shutdown: 10.0±0.5V
• High Battery Shutdown: 15.5±1.0V



AC Voltage rating : 240.0V
AC Frequency : 50.0Hz
Continuous Power : 1500.0W
Maximum Power : 3000.0W
Length : 360.0mm
Width : 171.0mm
Height : 74.0mm
Weight : 2.8kg
Required Voltage : 12.0V, 12.0V
Output Wave : Modified Sine Wave
Standby Current : 0.9A
Thermal Shutdown Temperature : 75.0°C
Low Battery Shutdown : 10.0V
High Battery Shutdown : 15.0V
Output Frequency : 50.0Hz
Includes USB Charge Port : true
Type of converter or transformer : inverter

1500W (3000W) Modified Sinewave Inverter

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GST Included
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