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The Luxury Outdoor Revolution Skyfall Double 150 self-inflating sleeping mat is a top of the range self-inflating mat, is the very deepest mat in our range and is designed to offer unprecedented comfort and thermal properties.


The lightweight fabric on all sides is constructed from a very robust TPU coated fabric that really helps hold the mats form together for superior stability during use.


This mat is perfect for the most discerning campers that are looking for a luxury double mat that is perfect on the family campsite.


The Skyfall Double 150 is constructed from a 15cm deep flat foam with horizontal drill holes making it lighter and more compressible after use.


The mat is inflated through 2 patented one-way cyclone valves that are located at the bottom of the mat which effortlessly inflate and deflate the mat quickly and efficiently every time.


 Top Fabric: 30D stretch fabric, with TPU coating

• Bottom Fabric: 75D*150D peach fabric with TPU coating

• Side Wall Fabric: 30D stretch fabric, with TPU coating

• Foam: Flat with horizontal drill holes

• Carry Bag: 75D*150D peach fabric, with PA coating

• Valve: 2pc cyclone one way valve (patented)


Weight 8.1kg

Size 201 x 132 x 15cm

Pack Size 71 x 33 x 32cm

Skyfall Double Mattress

SKU: # 10356
$350.00 Regular Price
$297.50Sale Price
GST Included
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