Awnings designed for short stays and touring holidays ! With just a few short pump strokes the awning is erected and ready for use.
So how does it work?

The traditional frame is replaced by an inflatable tube frame incorporated into the awning. This inflatable frame, made of Thermo polyurethane (TPU), is characterised by its high resistance. The reinforced sleeves offer a high level of protection against puncturing. Each arch is inflated independently and may be easily replaced if necessary.

Installation: impossible to do it faster or easier !

Just a few pump strokes to inflate each tube (5 PSI) and the awning soon takes shape. Even more surprising: the wind and storm resistance of this awning is equal to that of traditional frame awnings.

Supplied with 3 roof beams.

Double-roof    polyester Oxford 21D PU HH 5000 mm - Sleeves 600D x 600D Oxford Polyester - PVC lamination - Mosquito net on front and door panels - Double-roof zip in nylon
Frame    steel poles to make a canopy - 4 (TPU) air tubes and 3 ridge air tubes (TPU) for Luna 390 - 3 (TPU) air tubes and 2 ridge air tubes (TPU) for Luna 280
Weight    24,5 kg (Luna 390) - 20,9 kg (Luna 280)


Luna 280 Air Awning

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