The Kronings fully automatic double  axle caravan mover system is a standout in a competitive market. 

What sets this system apart is its supreme quality and class leading lightweight. In fact weighing in at just under 30 kg for the entire system we know the Kronings is hard to beat.

Rugged, threaded rollers are easily wound into position against the tyre tread faces after which the caravan can be easily manoeuvred using the handheld remote control.

Hailing from Denmark, you would expect this product to display the highest standards of design and engineering excellence–and you would be right. In fact, the powerful motors at the heart of the system are actually also used by a world leading German car manufacturer–confidentiality agreements restrict the use of that particular brand name in our product information unfortunately.

  • Easily installed
  • Fully automatic engagement caravan moving system for twin axle caravans

  • Twin axle caravan system giving outstanding performance from two motors.
  • Kronings Caravan Moving system for Single or Twin axle caravans up to 2,300 kilo.
  • Rotate your  caravan 360 degrees on the spot,  easily navigate around tight corners and on  narrow paths.
  • The  remote control is made in shock-proof, anti-slip material.
  • Soft start electronics helps to reduce  tyre wear  compared to other tested manual engaging caravan movers on the market.
  • Solid Aluminium rollers reduce wear on your  tyres, avoids corrosion and increases tyre grip.
  • Simple wind-on roller engagement.
  • Compact design means it can be fitted to chassis on 135mm high.
  • All Kronings lightweight movers have a five year guarantee and  each product is carefully tested before shipment.
  • Kronings Code™ built in 64 bit encryption radio transmitter as standard.  Protects your mover against interference from  other transmitters and receivers.
  • Kronings Power  Control™ saves power,  protects the battery and extends the life of your  product. It   automatically switches the mover to standby mode, when not used for a period.
  • Kronings MOSFET driver technology™ for long-life  durability and high stability of the control system.
  • 2 year warranty





Gradient - weight dependant 15-18%
Manufacturer Kronings
Model Kronings Lightweight Twin
Operating voltage 12 Volt DC
Avg current consumption 25-35 Amps
Speed approx 16 cm/s
Weight 28.7 kg
Permissible overall weight 2,000 kg
Permissible overall weight on 20% Gradient 1,650 kg
Recommended caravan leisure battery 12V 85 - 105Ah

Kronings Fully Auto Caravan Motor Mover System - up to 2300kg

SKU: 728A