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Ideal For:

  • Outdoor showers.
  • Washing articles.
  • Washing pets.
  • Many other uses.


  • Complete with shower head assembly and fixing screws.
  • Good security - no connector, no flow.
  • Push and turn activation.
  • Innovative, attractive design.
  • High quality for a long reliable life.
  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to fit - requires 60mm cutter.
  • 1.5m long shower hose.
  • Swivel head with fixed pattern spray with lever control.
  • High flow rate.

The external shower point comes complete with a shower head assembly (shower fitting, shower hose and swivel head).  It uses the unit's existing hot and cold water supplies.  Inserting the shower assembly, locks it in place and turns on the water.  Temperature adjustment by turning the assembly.

You will need a 60mm cutter to create the orifice.


Technical Information

  • Working pressure - 10 Bar (max)
  • Working temperature - 85 degrees celcius (max)
  • Corrosion-resistant materials suitable for potable water.
  • Plastic parts made of high quality materials with long-term UV resistance.
  • Total sealing between device and wall of prefabricated structure.
  • Total sealing between cap and the connection device.
  • Backflow prevention devices at hot and cold water inlets to prevent back syphonage due to negative pressure.
  • High quality pressure resistant nozzle with 360 degree swivel connections at both ends of the hose for greater convenience.
  • Dimensions - 105 x 110 x 90 (deep)mm
  • Weight - 460 gms

External Shower Point (Includes 12mm John Guest Fittings)

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