Part #789


Just attach your Camper-Trolley and operate the simple hand-held remote control, start positioning effortlessly  your caravan, boat, trailer or horse float

Technical Specifications:

Transmitting Frequency 2.4 GHZ
Speed 9 metres per minute
Battery Capacity 14.4 Volt, 6000 mAh Lithium Ion
Operating Capacity Approx. 30 min
Motor 2 Pce. 14.4V planet gear motors
Battery Charger 240V - 14.4V, 1000 mAh.
Weight 18 kg
Haulage Capacity Suitable for caravans, boats, etc up to 1700kg
Vertical Downward 300 kg
Safety Built-in 3-minute safety shut-off function
Dimensions 390mm(L) x 440mm (W) x 280mm (H)
Working Surface Concrete, asphalt, paving, compacted gravel, dirt and grass
Warranty 2 years

Camper Trolley CT1500

SKU: 789