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  • Manoeuvre your caravan effortlessly with soft stop & start technology
  • Accurate & durable gearing
  • 2-way communication remote control technology provides excellent anti-interference protection against other electronic signals


The Camec Elite Pro 2 allows you to move your RV at the push of a remote-control button.


Both movers have aluminium rollers that engage with the tyres to make the RV wheels turn.


The CamecElite Pro 2 model offers an auto-engage feature as standard, so no more bending to engage the rollers with the tyres; just press the button.


The mover features soft start and stop technology toavoid jerky movements of the RV.


It's now a 1-person job to put your RV in the exact spot you want it!


**IMPORTANT: The previous Elite Pro model and the new Elite Pro 2 model movers are not compatible with each other and cannot be paired together **


Suitable for almost any light duty single axle chassis as well as most caravans with a side apron, suitable for twin axle caravans up to 2000Kg. E-coating & powder coating corrosion protection.

Camec Elite Pro 2 - Fully Automatic Motor Mover

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