We have a well stocked workshop and can offer caravan repairs.

Please use the contact us link above and send through as many details as possible for us to give you a quote.

Below is a list of some of the services we offer.

Solar Panels

Includes 7 piece mount kit - means no drilling holes

Fitted 110 Watt - $749

Fitted 160 Watt - $899

Onboard Tanks

We fit these professionally to the under chassis of the

caravan in custom built cradles.


Fitted 48 Litre Onboard Waste -  from $549

***​(Monitered Waste + $250)***

Fitted 62 Litre Onboard Waste - from $629

Fitted 86 Litre Onboard Waste - from $679

Fitted 100 Litre Onboard Waste - from $729

Fitted 42 Litre Onboard Fresh - from $1849

Fitted 58 Litre Onboard Fresh - from $1929

Fitted 80 Litre Onboard Fresh - from $1999

Fitted 98 Litre Onboard Fresh - from $2049

Satellite TV

Evoke TV or Telesat TV (subject to availability)

12 or 240v, Built in Freeview, USB and DVD                   19" $445 or 24" $525

12V Smart TV

24” Smart TV – RV Media                                                                             $645

Features android operating systemand allows browsing the web plus streaming of TV, movies and internet. Bluetooth wireless audio plus 2 x 3 watt speakers.

STAND not included in price needs to be wall mounted – add 240v power pack plus stand $35 ***PLEASE NOT THIS DOES NOT HAVE BUILT IN FREEVIEW***

Freestanding Satellite Dish $375 

Sturdy and reliable - has everything required to set up for receiving satellite signal - including instructions / cable / connections / sat finder


Maxview roof mounted Satellite Dish:

$1199 + Fitting $299

50cm dish  made out of high quality aluminum for a lightweight durable dish for better reception and weather capability.

High quality, durable and proven mechanical design for reliability and performance Optimised aerodynamics only 170mm high in park position. Superior locking system

KingQuest                                             $1699 + $299 fitting

Finally a Satellite antenna can be used as a permanent roof mounted antenna, or as a fully portable Satellite antenna solution!And, it's as easy to use as 1 .. 2 .. 3!Simply turn on the controller, wait for the system to calibrate then press scan to Automatically locate the Optus D1 Satellite!The average Satellite acquisition time is less than 60 seconds!

Fitted Shade Awning

Dometic PW1000 3.5m $1,195.00 (Fitting from$299)                      

A strong, one piece awning cloth without any welding seams, automatic adjusting inclination angle of the front rail, convenient access to the support legs which are prevented from dropping by the patented easy lock flipper. Wall awning slides in and out gently and can be adjusted to different vehicles with specific adapters. Has telescopic crank handle

DIMENSIONS - Projection 2500 mm / Depth 85 mm / Height 140 mm Width 3500 mm / Net weight 24 kg

Motor Movers

Semi Automatic Elite 2 - $2195 (Plus fitting from $399)

The Camec Elite 2 is an economical and effective solution for manoeuvering your caravan at the push of a button. This caravan manoeuvering system consists of two 12 Volt motor power rollers, a 12 Volt electronic control unit and a remote control handset.                                                              


Fully Automatic Camec Elite Pro 2 - $2595 (fitting from $399)

The Camec Elite Pro 2 allows you to move your RV at the push of a remote-control button. Both movers have aluminium rollers that engage with the tyres to make the RV wheels turn. The Camec Elite Pro 2 model offers an auto-engage feature as standard, so no more bending to engage the rollers with the tyres; just press the button.                              

Self Containment

We are fully trained self containment officers and as such as can offer:

Full self containment including certificate                                        2 Berth $435

                                                                                                         4 Berth $475

                                                                                                         6 Berth $565

Self Containment's also include an 'All Points Camping' membership which also has many perks and bonus' 

Reversing Cameras

We can install a reversing camera to your car / caravan / motorhome.

We offer the Garmin BC40 Wireless Back Up Camera Monitor in conjunction with the Garmin BC30 Camera set up kit as a combo. 

Total Price $749 + $149 fitting                                                    ENQUIRE NOW

General Repairs / Insurance Claims

We can carry out most repairs, including *panel beating; *fibre glass repairs; *Replacement Windows; *General Servicing and Maintenance; *Resealing;

*Floor Delamination

Click here for a quote

Replacement Windows

We can get replacement windows for most makes and models of UK / European caravans - but please note we buy them direct out of the UK and as such there is a minimum wait of 8-12 weeks for arrival. Click here for a quote.

Replacement Vents

We can get replacement vents for most caravans. We have a good selection in stock. Including Heki / Dometic and Fiamma. Click here for a quote

Replacement WD Barrels and Keys 

Lost or Broken your keys? We can get replacement WD Barrels and keys. We have a small selection in stock and can get others in as required. Click here for a quote

Ceramic Vehicle Coating Protection

Gardx - Price - Please Enquire

The GardX Vehicle Protection System with Nanotechnology forms a highly resilient protective coating over your paintwork that shields it from harmful elements and provides a high-gloss showroom finish that retains its appearance wash-after-wash. Its not just your paintwork that is under threat. Dirt transferred by you, your family and pets into your vehicle, means that your interior is at risk from staining too.


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